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8 Senses Unit

1 Intro to the 8 Senses

How did we come up with 8 senses? What are they?

3 Touch

How does touch work? What happens when it doesn't?

5 Nose and Tongue

What is taste? How does a stuffy nose affect it?

7 Ear and Hearing

How does hearing work and why does it sometimes not?

2 Draw a Human Eye

What are the parts of the human eye and how do they allow us to see?

4 Proprioception

How do you know where your fingers are? Find out about the incredible sense of proprioception!

6 Interoception

Have you ever wondered how you know when you're hungry? Interoception is the answer!

8 Vestibular System

What does your inner ear have to do with being dizzy? What is vertigo and why are there rocks in your head?

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