Faculty and Staff

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Dr. Robin Dickinson, MD

Physician, Teacher, Homeschool Mom

Dr. Robin is a board-certified family physician with a decade in private practice.  She homeschooled her two children from the beginning and conceived of Dr. Robin's School because of the dearth of good-quality science options.  She has known Hannah nearly forever and is thrilled to be able to work with her!

She started her solo micropractice in 2012 and the first free clinic in her area in 2013.  She is a guest lecturer at Rocky Vista University and will be starting as adjunct faculty in 2021.  She and her husband of almost 20 years are restoring the 1920 bungalow they share with their kids in Englewood, Colorado.  She also enjoys interior design, garden design, cooking, knitting, training the family dog, chicken-keeping, and shuttling her kids to activities (her son is a passionate classical ballet student and her daughter plays violin and wants to join the circus when she grows up). Her hope is that students will be inspired by the amazing complexity and beauty of the human body! 

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Hannah Sayward

Creative Design, Media Manager, & Task Wrangler

Hannah has known (and adored) Dr. Robin for most of her life, and was thrilled to make up the second half of her two-woman team! She has worked in many fields and her resume is filled with extremely random skills: singing, dancing, acting, mermaiding, stilt-walking, cosplay, dog walking, chess teaching, video editing, art making, sewing, food serving, horse wrangling, sales-team supporting, choreography, and hair doing. She's worked at Disney World, studied musical theatre in Los Angeles, and lived in New York City. She is currently a professional princess and mermaid with Spoonful of Sugar Entertainment, a stilt-walker with Black Haus Creative, and an artist on Etsy. She is also won the title of Miss Mermaid New York 2021! She lives on Long Island, NY with her precious and magical cat, Gertrude McFuzz. Together, they work to make the world a kinder and more magical place!

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Household Manager & Lap Warmer

Mozzie helps Dr. Robin wake the kids up in the morning and organize the laundry, as well as overseeing interpersonal relations in the Dickinson household. He is an invaluable (and adorable) asset.


Gertrude McFuzz

Happiness Coordinator

& Magic Maker

Hannah met Gertie (aka The Bird) the day she was born and it was true love forever! Gertie Bird enjoys snuggling, sleeping in the sunshine, and delighting everyone she meets. She is truly spectacular.



Extremely Cute Puppy

& Tissue Eater

Toby has been tasked with providing comedic relief during the pandemic, and he has not disappointed! He is adept at learning tricks and never ever ever runs out of energy. He is ridiculously cute!