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An In-Depth Introduction to You!

In this 22-lesson unit study, explore all the basics of you...your senses; your circulatory, respiratory, digestive, nervous, and musculoskeletal systems; your teeth and speech. A complete workbook accompanies video lessons running 20-30 minutes each.

Recommended age: 3rd-8th grade

Younger learners: with parental assistance

Older learners: for preparation or review

If you already have subscription access to all the lessons, you can buy the workbook separately by clicking here.

Human Body Pre-Unit Assessment and Post-Unit Assessment
  • You will receive a full year of access to all 22 video lessons taught by Dr. Robin Dickinson MD, a family physician and acclaimed science educator.

  • As a complete unit, you receive a workbook as a pdf that you can print at home or send to a local print shop to have spiral bound. 

  • Table of contents lets you easily track progress and record dates of completion

  • Pre-Unit and Post-Unit Assessments are pleasant to complete and give you a record of what your child has learned through the unit.

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  • Every video lesson has an associated page in the workbook

  • Many lessons involve coloring, drawing, or modelling. Learners will need coloring supplies and polymer clay to complete the unit.

  • Learners will draw a human cell, human eye, human ear.  They will create a polymer clay model of the digestive system and build functional models of a heart and lungs. They will also complete coloring sheets of the heart, lungs, and parts of the head involved in creating speech.

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  • Other lessons will involve creating your own dental chart (a fun keepsake to look back on later), sorting blood components, labeling parts of the brain, finding types of bones and joints on a skeleton, filling out a chart of the eight senses including how they keep you safe and make life more wonderful, and many more.

  • You will receive a pdf answer key to all the worksheets

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  • Dr. Robin Dickinson MD is a board certified family physician and highly experienced science educator

  • She uses stories, models, analogies, drawings, and more to help the details of the human body as understandable as possible.

  • All lessons focus on how amazing and complex the human body is!

Complete List of Lessons

1. Draw a Human Cell

2. Intro to the 8 Senses

3. Draw a Human Eye

4. The Ear & Hearing

5. The Tongue & Nose

6. Vestibular System

7. Touch

8. Teeth

9. Dental Chart

10. Dental Care

11. The Brain

12. How We Make Speech

13. DIY Heart Model

14. Intro to the Heart

15. Blood & Blood Components

16. DIY Lungs Model

17. Intro to Lungs

18. GI Overview

19. Modeling the GI System

20. Intro to Bones

21. Intro to Joints

22. Intro to Muscles

Plus a pre- and post-unit assessment!

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