Health & the Human Body Unit

01 Introduction


04 UV Damage

Why is it important to protect our skin? And how do we do it?

07 GI Overview

How do all the organs of the GI system work together to nourish you?

10 Macronutrients Part 1

What are macronutrients, why do we need them, and how do we know if they're in our food?

13 Candy and Blood Sugar

Why do we love candy but it makes us feel so bad? What's a better way to get our sugar fix?

16 Spine and Spinal Cord

What is the difference between a spinal cord and a spinal column? Why do you need them?

19 Amygdala

Where does the fight/flight/freeze response come from? Our brains are good at protecting us from bears but not so much from public speaking. Find out why!

22 Habits

How do we form habits, and how can implementing the tiniest things change our lives for the better?

02 Bugs and Drugs

What are viruses, bacteria, and fungus? How are they different from each other and how are they treated?

05 Taking Care of Your Heart

How do our choices affect the heart and how can we help the heart do its job?

08 How We Grow

We all grow, but how? And where in our bodies? How do our organs know when to stop growing, and which ones don't?

11 Macronutrients Part 2

What are macronutrients, why do we need them, and how do we know if they're in our food?

14 Choosing Food

Why is choosing the food we eat so complicated? How do our brains trick us and what can we do about it?

17 Sleep

We all have to sleep, but why? What are dreams for and how do scientists know? And how can we get better sleep?

20 Using the Frontal Lobe

How do we make choices between what we SHOULD do and what we WANT to do, and how do we know what we should do anyway?

23 Thinking About the Future

How do you build a happy, fulfilling life? It's easier than you think!

03 Dental Care

Why do teeth fall out? And why do they stay in? What are cavities and how do braces work?


What can go wrong with the lungs, and why?

09 Intro to Nutrition

Why is it so tricky to study nutrition and where do we start?

12 Micronutrients

What are micronutrients, how do we get them, and how do we eat rocks without eating rocks?

15 Brain

What is the brain and how is it organized?

18 Inner Brain Health

How do our feelings help us survive, what do we do when they're not that helpful, and where actually are they in our brains and bodies?

21 Safety

How do we make safe choices when we don't know what the safe choice is to make?

24 Conclusion