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Military Discounts

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The Reason:

When a parent is in the military, the kids are also signed up for a different life than the kids of civilians.  We honor these kids, whose childhoods are spent moving from one duty station to another and may have their opportunities for pre-med extracurricular activities interrupted. Dr. Robin's School goes anywhere, whether you are stationed on U.S. soil or overseas.

The Personal Reason:

Dr. Robin's dad was in the Air Force so she was conceived in California, born in Texas, and attended preschool in Illinois.  When she's tired, her Texas accent comes back a little. No one else in her family has the accent--she just happened to be living there when she was developing language. 

When her parents divorced, she and her sister would spend all summer with their dad...wherever that happened to be.  She remembers having just gotten settled in activities or camps she enjoyed in one place and then being in a new place the next summer.


She stopped visiting her dad for the summer when she was 12 because she wanted to have better opportunities to help pursue her career in medicine.  

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