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You want your kids to have a bright, healthy life..jpg

You want your kids to have a

bright, healthy life.

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But tv, social media, junk food, and screentime are constantly influencing our children. If you’re like most parents, you can feel attacked from all sides in the

fight for your kids’
health and happiness.

Education is the answer
but many science resources can be boring and confusing.

Even parents who like science can dread teaching it!
And those bad influences on our children aren’t going away.

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online human biology
video lessons

are taught by a family doctor who is also a homeschooling mom.

We teach your kids the what, why, and how of being healthy

so they want to take care of their bodies.

Start your child’s healthy future now in

3 easy steps:

​1. Buy full-site access or a unit study

2. Click on the link in the confirmation email

3. Hit play on the first lesson and get your kids excited to care for their bodies!

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With subscriptions starting at under
your children’s health and education are worth more than what you’ll pay for access.

So do yourself a favor: subscribe today and together we will

inspire your children’s happy, healthy future.



I’ve recommended Dr. Robin to several friends already. The video lessons are engaging & easy to understand, even when the topic is complicated. The workbooks made a great keepsake/portfolio item.


Lively engaging lessons that can stand on their own or be part of a wider curriculum. Safe website for my daughter to navigate on her own—no ads or links to outside sites/products.


Dr. Robin obviously knows her topics so thoroughly and has a love of the subjects she teaches that she is able to convey her knowledge in a meaningful way that creates interest and enthusiasm in my students.

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Read Dr. Robin's article:


See Dr. Robin's interview:

Listen to Dr. Robin's
Pre-Med Podcast:

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