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Schedule Coming Soon!

We've had numerous requests for a recommended schedule...and it's coming! The requests didn't come until people started planning their school year so that's why we're providing it a little later than would be ideal. To find out more about the lessons included, click here. If you have already purchased access and just want to log in, here's a link for that.

Is the Schedule Required?

Absolutely not! This is just to help out anyone who would like one.

An Overview of the Schedule

We have three versions of the schedule: once a week, twice a week, and 3-4 days a week. Each of these gets you through the entire program in one year and keeps you on close to the same schedule as everyone else. That way, you can use the schedules for different students in the same household and some can watch more lessons than others.

We will also include suggestions for additional options for extending the learning, mostly from materials available in the parent portal. These can be added to any of the schedules.

There will be some changes to the order of the modules (body systems) so that there are approximately the same number of lessons in each month (we're grouping smaller modules together into the same month). You will see the lessons in the student portal rearranged to fit this new order but this should be the last time we need to make an adjustment.

September will be the heart. The once a week schedule will list four lessons from the heart module, the twice a week schedule will have eight lessons, and the 3-4 days a week will include all of them.

Coordinated with Other Activities

The monthly book club will read a book in which the main character is impacted by a medical condition related to the body system we are covering that month. September will be a book in which the main character had a heart transplant.

Beginning in September, the Ask Dr. Robin live webinars will start with questions related to the month's topic and then open to any other questions.

The coloring book club will continue to run on its own schedule.

Special Weekly Ask Dr. Robin in September

To help you get started with your new school year, Dr. Robin will be meeting with families live each Monday to talk about the lessons you learned the previous week. We'll be focusing on the heart and the first session (September 11th) will focus on lessons in Week #1 of the schedule (basically, the first few lessons about the heart). The second session (September 18th) will focus on lessons in Week #2 of the schedule. And so forth. Once she's answered any questions that came up during your learning the previous week on those topics, she'll open it up to any other questions.

What to Do After a Year

Good news: There are almost 100 lessons currently available. The vast majority of students will need more than one year to get through them. We'll provide recommendations for the second year next year.

Additionally, Dr. Robin is always creating more lessons. The schedules include lessons that aren't even recorded yet.

And for those who finish the program this year? Dr. Robin is currently planning out and testing a set of chemistry lessons that teach in depth chemistry in a way that makes sense. We don't have any announcements to make. Yet.

Draw a Cell Doesn't Fit

While Dr. Robin is adamant that understanding a cell is key to understanding the body, it doesn't really belong with any other lessons at the beginning. So we recommend completing that lesson before starting the schedule. We'll be starting September 4th (the day after Labor Day in the U.S.) If you want to be on the same schedule as us, it would be helpful for you to do Draw a Cell before then or just fit it into the first week.

How to Participate on a Different Schedule

Some people won't follow a schedule at all. That's great!

Some people will use the schedule and start in a different month. You can either jump into the middle and circle back around (most lessons stand alone so there's no hard and fast rule that you have to do the heart first). Or you can start at the beginning and move at your own pace.

There are no rules for how you use Dr. Robin's School!

Will There Be Other Activities?


The program is always evolving as we work to improve so we'll see what happens next. We receive numerous requests and watch for patterns and themes to decide what to prioritize. Dr. Robin is the bottleneck in content creation since there's only one of her, but I think we can all agree that she's worth the wait for what comes out next!


More information and the schedules will be coming by the first of September!

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