So Many Cells!

It can be hard to understand cells because they are so small. It can help to think about what each type of cell does for us. After drawing their cells, help your learners think of all the things their body does and remind them that there is a specialized cell for that! You don't need to know about the cells now...just think of something your body does and you can be sure that there's a cell for that. This can be done all at once or a little at a time during the day.

It can be intimidating to start telling your kids that "there is a cell for that" when you don't know the name of the cell...don't worry! Our body has about 200 different types of cells so even Dr. Robin sometimes has to use the internet and search, "What kind of cell_____?" And unless you have someone in your family who will ask which cell it is, you can just leave it at the fact that there IS a cell.

Here are some ideas of how to remember our cells throughout the day:

  • While eating, you might discuss that there are cells that make saliva and muscle cells that let you pick up your fork and spoon. Every process and product in our body comes from cells.

  • If someone gets a cut, you might discuss that there are cells that make up blood and cells that help the skin heal closed. You can't see the cells that are healing a cut, but as it heals, your kids can realize that it's cells doing that for them.

  • While putting on sunscreen, you can discuss that you are protecting the cells in the skin from being damaged by sun. When kids start thinking of protecting "the cells in my skin" instead of just skin, it can help them realize that it's not just a covering like clothes or plastic wrap but a living part of themselves.

  • Your nose has cells that make snot. Your ears have cells that make ear wax. Your stomach has cells that make stomach acid. Your thyroid has cells that make thyroid hormone. If something needs to be made in your body, it's made by a cell.

If you come across a question that you can't answer, just let us know and we can help...the question will usually become a Quick Question or a new lesson, too!