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Looking for an open-and-go month-long microbiology unit? You've come to the right place!


This unit study covers the basics of microbiology, including what is a cell, why viruses are not alive and how they grow in a host, the basics of bacterial infections (focusing on ear infections), and how vaccines work. Includes 4 video lessons, a printable workbook, and answer keys. Perfect for elementary and middle school students.


Note that this unit study is also included in a full-site subscription.


You will receive

  • a digital download of all the worksheets ready to print at home or have bound locally (available immediately and linked on each individual lesson page in the unit)
  • a separate digital download of answer keys for all worksheets (delivered with confirmation of your unit access)
  • 1 year access to the video lessons (access will be set up by our team within 48 hours of purchase)


The lessons included are:

  1. Draw a Human Cell

  2. Bugs & Drugs Overview

  3. Vaccines

  4. Ear Infections

More detailed descriptions here!


PLUS by purchasing the unit, you also gain access to a curated video library of outside resources to help extend your learning!

Bugs & Drugs Unit Study

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