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As a family physician, Dr. Robin knows what you need to get the most out of your medical appointments.  Did you know that according to research, people remember less than 50% of the important information from their medical appointments.  It's also very common for people to realize at the end of their appointment time that they didn't have their main concerns addressed.  


This patient journal is also available with every Dr. Robin's School for Patients lesson.


The journal is 4 pages and comes with a 4 page filled in version that shows how to use each page and includes questions and thoughts to help you in preparing for an appointment and making decisions afterwards.  You can print each page as many times as you need or fill them out on your electronic device.


1. Medical History.  Having all the information your doctor needs to provide you the best care is critical but can be hard to keep organized.  This takes care of the problem for you.


2. Appointment Planning.  Make sure you have your priorities, questions, and symptoms sorted out so that you have your needs met during your appointment


3. Appointment Notes. Using this format will help you beat the statistics and remember more of your appointment in order to have the information available to you later for decision making or explaining to friends and family.


4. Decision Grid. At some point you'll need to make a medical decision.  Make it easier to think through your options and factors leading into the decision with this page.


This journal is designed to help you take control of your own health and medical decisions.

Medical Journal: Organize Your Medical History and Track Care

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