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This is after-school and homeschool science made effortless and accessible.

X-Ray Results

How it Works

With Dr. Robin's School, you can learn human biology at home from a family physician

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Access every video lesson available, currently adding 2-4 a month
Worksheet available with each lesson

Option 2:


Purchase access to individual unit studies with all video lessons
and accompanying workbook
**Workbook also available separately for families with full site access

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Dr. Robin Created This Because She Had the Same Problem as You

You've finally found a high-quality science program that's easy for parents, fun for kids, and accessible for anyone!

Perfect as a homeschool science curriculum, after school STEM lessons, or as a gift for a child who aspires to a medical career!

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Expert Teacher

Dr. Robin Dickinson, MD, is a board-certified family physician.  After a decade in private practice, she transitioned to teaching in order to have more flexibility for her children.  This gave her the opportunity to address a problem she'd had--finding the right science curriculum for her family.  Why wasn't there a high quality open-and-go science curriculum?

Our Course Benefits

In-Depth Lessons

Dr. Robin starts with the assumption that the learner has no prior knowledge of the topic.  But as you work through the lessons, even an elementary school student is able to understand concepts that typically aren't covered until high school or beyond.  This is possible because of Dr. Robin's extensive teaching experience with patients as well as her years of teaching elementary through medical school.

Flexible Curriculum

Whether your learner prefers using manipulatives, creating models and drawings, or taking notes, they can learn in their preferred style.  Do you have a budding geneticist?  A student who loves dissections?  A squeamish learner?  The topics are organized to allow students of any age to easily navigate to their preferred interests and naturally lead to greater and greater knowledge.


" absolute treasure-trove for science enthusiasts! The classroom is arranged in such a way that children and teens can explore freely...Best of all, unlike many other science resources available, Dr. Robin's School doesn't require any work from the parent. Everything is available, right there, for your children. That's right- you don't have to do anything...You can sip your coffee and sit back and watch your children and teens get lost in the world of science!"
-Cait F.

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