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Change the Future

Start with Your Students

Dr. Robin's School is dedicated to engaging and preparing students in 3rd through 8th grade in order to increase the economic, racial, religious, gender, ability, and cultural diversity of medical and nursing schools.

Dr. Robin talks about our mission:

Click to download our flyer and share with faculty, staff, and parents! →

The biggest predictor of whether a student will make it to medical school:
Not talent or hard work.

  • 3/4 of medical students come from the top 20% income bracket

  • Only 1/20 of medical students come from the bottom 20% income bracket

  • We believe most efforts start too late--so we start early!

  • Dr. Robin's School is dedicated to increasing the  diversity of medical and nursing schools.

  • Click here to read Dr. Robin's personal story

You can help your students overcome barriers

  • Send info to families via email including district or school newsletters (contact us for a communication kit)

  • Fill out the scholarship form for students

  • Purchase school or district access

  • Use lessons as quick and quality substitute plans or for students who finish work early

  • Start a premed club or interest group

Each topic includes a video lesson and worksheet(s) for students to complete, requiring little to no additional effort on the part of the educator or parent. 

Affordable Pricing:

  • For school-wide access/school year: $1/each student in the school (total school population, not just those using the program), with a discount up to 75% based on number of students on free or reduced lunch 

    • Each teacher is given a separate login to share with their students, which can also be used at home.

  • For individual teachers: $80/school year (10 months) or $50/semester (5 months). If teachers are paying for the curriculum out of pocket, we offer a discount. We know how hard teachers work to provide for their classes!

  • Families can purchase access for $10-15 a month and we provide unlimited scholarships

Thanks for contacting us!

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