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8 Senses

How did we come up with 8 senses? What are they?

What is the brain and how is it organized?

What does your inner ear have to do with being dizzy? What is vertigo and why are there rocks in your head?

How does touch work? What happens when it doesn't?

What is taste? How does a stuffy nose affect it?

Why is a tuning fork with the medical instruments and what is it anyway?

What does your skull do for you? More you than might think!

What are the parts of the mouth and how do they all work together? How does taste actually work, what are the bumps on our tongues, and what is a uvula for?

How does hearing work and why does it sometimes not?

What are the parts of the human eye and how do they allow us to see?

What are vibrations?

How do you know where your fingers are? Find out about the incredible sense of proprioception!

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