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Blood & the Lymphatic System

01 Blood and Blood Components

What makes blood red? What else does blood do?

04 Blood Type

What is blood type and what does it have to do with our genetics?

07 Follow the Iron

How does iron enter your body and where does it go next? It's better to watch this lesson after learning about the small intestine and red blood cells.

10 Mitochondria Mini Lesson

A supplement to Follow the Oxygen - how exactly does the mitochondria convert oxygen into energy?

02 Cuts and Bruises

How do we heal? What's the difference between a cut and a bruise?

05 Intro to Blood Pressure

What does blood pressure mean? How is it measured?

08 Iron Overload

What causes iron overload and what do we do about it?

03 Candy and Blood Sugar

Why do we love candy but it makes us feel so bad? What's a better way to get our sugar fix?

06 Follow a Red Blood Cell

Where do red blood cells come from and where do they go? And did you know your body has a recycling program?

09 Follow the Oxygen

Where does oxygen go in the body and why do we need it so much?

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