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Dissections, Activities, Experiments

How to dentists fill out dental charts?

What are vibrations?

Have you ever wondered how you know when you're hungry? Interoception is the answer!

What does blood pressure mean? How is it measured?

What does a liver look like in real life?

How do you get air into your lungs? Why do you need a diaphragm?

What are muscles and how do they allow us to move?

What is asthma? Why do people use inhalers?

Does a heart actually look like the drawings in books or the models?

How to draw a genetic family tree--yours or someone else's!

What happens when liver detoxifies a waste product in your body?

How do you know where your fingers are? Find out about the incredible sense of proprioception!

What can go wrong with the lungs, and why?

How is the inside of a chicken like the inside of a human? The answer is: in more ways than you'd think!

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