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01 GI Overview

How do all the organs of the GI system work together to nourish you?

04 Liver

What does the liver do and why does hepatitis matter?

07 Large Intestine

Why do we need a large intestine and what can go wrong?

10 Hereditary Hemochromatosis

What causes iron overload and what do we do about it?

02 Liver Enzyme Experiment

What happens when liver detoxifies a waste product in your body?

05 Pancreas

What jobs does the pancreas have?

08 Modeling the GI System

How do the organs of digestion fit together to nourish your body? Make your own model out of clay!

03 Stomach

Why do we vomit? What are ulcers?

06 Small Intestines

What does a small intestine do and what would happen if it didn't?

09 Liver Dissection

What does a liver look like in real life?

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