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01 Draw a Human Cell

What are the organelles inside a cell and what do they do? And what are organelles anyway?

04 Mitosis and Meiosis

How do we have a complete identical copy of our DNA in every cell...and also have such different DNA from our siblings?

07 Blood Type

What is blood type and what does it have to do with our genetics?

02 Intro to Genetics

What is DNA? What are genes? How has our understanding of genetics changed in the recent decades?

05 Protein Synthesis

How does our DNA actually DO anything in our body?

08 Punnett Squares

How do geneticists write out the possible combinations of genes? What's the likelihood of a specific combination?

03 Pedigrees

How to draw a genetic family tree--yours or someone else's!

06 Genetics of Earwax

Did you know earwax is genetic? How do your genes compare with your actual earwax?

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