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The Head

01 Teeth

Why do we have different kinds of teeth and how do dentists count them?

04 Intro to 8 Senses

How did we come up with 8 senses? What are they?

07 Ear and Hearing

How does hearing work and why does it sometimes not?

10 How We Make Speech

How does speech happen and what areas of the body are involved? (Hint: it's not just the vocal cords!)

02 Dental Chart Mini Activity

How to dentists fill out dental charts?

05 Draw a Human Eye

What are the parts of the human eye and how do they allow us to see?

08 Ear Infections

What are ear infections and why do we get them?

11 Cleft Lip and Limb Differences

What is cleft lip and what other differences can occur while the body is forming?

03 Dental Care

Why do teeth fall out? And why do they stay in? What are cavities and how do braces work?

06 Tongue and Nose

What is taste? How does a stuffy nose affect it?

09 Skull

What does your skull do for you? More you than might think!

12 Inner Brain Health

How do our feelings help us survive, what do we do when they're not that helpful, and where actually are they in our brains and bodies?

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