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01 Intro to Bones

What are the different kinds of bones and what are their jobs?

04 Skull

What does your skull do for you? More you than might think!

07 Spine and Spinal Cord

What is the difference between a spinal cord and a spinal column? Why do you need them?

02 Intro to Joints

What the different kinds of joints and what are their jobs?

05 Feet

What is there to say about feet? A lot more than you might think! Why are they important and how should you take care of them?

08 How We Grow

We all grow, but how? And where in our bodies? How do our organs know when to stop growing, and which ones don't?

03 Intro to Muscles

What are muscles and how do they allow us to move?

06 Muscles of Facial Expression

The muscles of the face are amazing...see them at work with the help of a little face paint!

09 Chicken Dissection

How is the inside of a chicken like the inside of a human? The answer is: in more ways than you'd think!

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