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01 Brain

What is the brain and how is it organized?

04 Amygdala

Where does the fight/flight/freeze response come from? Our brains are good at protecting us from bears but not so much from public speaking. Find out why!

07 Interoception

Have you ever wondered how you know when you're hungry? Interoception is the answer!

10 Epilepsy

What is epilepsy? How is it diagnosed and treated? How can we be a good friend to someone with epilepsy?

02 Touch

How does touch work? What happens when it doesn't?

05 Using the Frontal Lobe

How do we make choices between what we SHOULD do and what we WANT to do, and how do we know what we should do anyway?

08 Tuning Forks

Why is a tuning fork with the medical instruments and what is it anyway?

11 Grey and White Matter

What are we doing when we use our grey matter? Is it actually grey?

03 Inner Brain Health

How do our feelings help us survive, what do we do when they're not that helpful, and where actually are they in our brains and bodies?

06 Proprioception

How do you know where your fingers are? Find out about the incredible sense of proprioception!

09 Spine and Spinal Cord

What is the difference between a spinal cord and a spinal column? Why do you need them?

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