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Understand Our Amazing Bodies

We Can All

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Feel Confident that Your Children Have the Knowledge They Need for a Happy, Healthy Future

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Fun for

Watch a demonstration, join a live anatomy coloring book club, or make a model.

Something for every learning preference

Easy for Parents

Just log in and start. No preparation, no clean up. Optional worksheets. Optional activities.

 Because parenting is already hard enough.

In-Depth Lessons

What do vitamins actually do? Why do our cells need oxygen? What exactly causes cavities.

Your child's questions answered by a real doctor.

Expert Teaching

Dr. Robin is a family physician, medical school faculty, and homeschool mom.

A true expert makes complex topics make sense

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It's science that's real, relatable, and important

Everybody needs to know how their body works. But often all we get are a lot of random facts without reasons. No wonder health problems are rampant.

We can do better for our children

Learning at Dr. Robin's School is Simple for Parents.

So is getting started:

Purchase Access

A full access subscription gets you everything, all the lessons, all the live webinars, and everything new.

Click on the Link

Your confirmation email will have a link to get started. Or just log in to your account and start exploring.

Play the First Lesson

You can start immediately. Watch a lesson, print a handout, enjoy a webinar recording

Taught by a Family Physician

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The human body can be scary for kids-tummy aches, bleeding cuts, and scary sounding grown-up problems. Dr. Robin makes it all better with knowledge and reassurance.

- Holly Beran

Dr. Robin obviously knows her topics so thoroughly and has a love of the subjects she teaches...she is able to convey her knowledge in a meaningful way that creates interest and enthusiasm in my students. 

- Tia Brown

We all love Dr. Robin's clear explanations and examples. My kids will often bring up material they have learned in conversations.

- Sarah Hill

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