Frequently asked questions

Why does this exist?

As a homeschooling mom of two kids herself, Dr. Robin was discouraged at the lack of high-quality science education. Even worse, what was available required more work from the parents than the student. When Dr. Robin began teaching science classes via zoom, she discovered that many parents had bought a science curriculum or anatomy coloring book recommended by their preferred homeschooling method but then never used it because the parent had to learn the curriculum or anatomy themselves in order to teach it! This course is completely different. It allows kids to learn completely on their own. Everything they need is in the lesson, with no work required from the parent!

What age is this for?

This is designed to be a complete human biology curriculum for grades 3-8 and a supplementary curriculum for 9th-12th grade and adults. It is also beneficial for advanced kindergarten-2nd graders or for those with a particular interest. It would be appropriate for learners younger than 5 years with particular interest in the topic.

How does the subscription work?

For a set monthly fee, you get full access to all lessons (past and future), which range from 20-30 minutes and cover a wide variety of human biology topics. Here is a link to all the lessons. You can cancel at any time, and new lessons are added regularly!

Won't you run out of topics?

People spend their entire lives studying just one small topic within the human body. We will never run out of topics. They will likely get more complex or challenging over time, but there’s no limit!

What lessons are coming up?

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What worldview can I expect from the lessons?

We recognize that homeschoolers come from a variety of different worldview backgrounds, so Dr. Robin does not in any way address evolution or sexuality in the core curriculum. We are planning a separate curriculum to cover topics such as reproduction, childbirth, addiction, and mental health. If you would like to be notified when the new curriculum is available, please click here to get on the waiting list!

Can my student benefit without completing every lesson?

Yes! Dr. Robin's School is designed to be as flexible as homeschooling itself. Younger learners or students who are simply doing a unit on the human body will probably only complete the first lesson or two in most topic areas (such as Cardiology) and perhaps a few more in topics such as The Eight Senses. Each topic page is organized such that a student can start at the top of the page and work down through the lessons until they reach their stopping point. Students who are interested in a career in a medical field will probably want to keep going down the page as those lessons often cover specific diseases or other medical topics.

How long does it take to complete the curriculum?

You can use the curriculum for as short or long a time as you want! If you're learning about a specific topic, you could just use Dr. Robin's School for a month to cover the lessons on that topic. If you have a student who is interested in a medical field, you may want to continue your subscription long term as a new lesson is released regularly and your learner will be able to dive deeper and deeper into their area of interest.

Can I use this curriculum if we aren't homeschooling?

Yes! Our most enthusiastic students are those who are learning as an extracurricular activity because of their own interest in a career in a medical field. So if you have a learner who wants to be a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, veterinarian, dentist, or other medical professional someday, you've found a fun source of information to ignite their interests!

Can I use this curriculum if I'm not a kid?

Of course! Among our testers were some adults who wanted to try out the curriculum because of their own interest in the topics. If you want to understand your own body, a medical diagnosis, or what a loved one is learning in school, you'll enjoy Dr. Robin's School at least as much as our younger learners!

Can I request a lesson topic?

Absolutely! We love creating lessons for learners with specific interests. While we can't guarantee when or if a topic will get its own lesson, we love to hear your suggestions. We will keep them in mind for planning future lessons!

How does the curriculum work?

It depends on how you learn best! You can check out all of our lessons and choose one. You can take a look at all our topics and be directed to a page of all related lessons. Each topic's lessons are organized by increasing level of difficulty, so learners can begin at the top and work their way down. Or you can choose at random! We support you, however you like to learn.

Can I enjoy these lessons without any supplies?

Absolutely! Many of our lessons don't require any materials at all. You can also follow along with our activity lessons by using modeling clay, colored pencils, or even organs to dissect (safely and with parental supervision!) Or, you can choose to simply watch the activites and get just as much out of the lesson. It's up to you!